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  • MSc in Exploration Geophysics: AVO analysis and spectral decomposition on a UKCS gas field
    Chukwuemeka (Emeka) O. Odebeatu
    2005, University of Leeds
  • Analysis of frequency-dependent anisotropy in VSP data
    Sonja Maultzschu
    2005, University of Edinburgh
  • Anisotropic parameter estimation from PP and PS waves in 4-Component data
    Barbel Traub
    2005, University of Edinburgh
  • Seismic modelling for the sub-basalt imaging problem including an analysis and development of the boundary element method
    Andrew Dobson
    2005, University of Edinburgh
  • MPhil in Geophysics: Reflection and transmission coefficients in fluid-saturated poroelastic sediments
    Fabien Borocin
    2004, University of Edinburgh
  • Analysis of P-wave Seismic Reflection Data for Azimuthal Anisotropy
    Yan-Qiang (Yi-Jie) Liu
    2003, University of Edinburgh
  • Improved rock physical models for the interpretation of core, log and seismic data
    Jun Yan
    2003, University of Edinburgh
  • Seismic imaging and anisotropic inversion using vertical cable data
    Hejie "Jack" Wang
    2003, University of Edinburgh
  • The Influence of Basalt Layers on Seismic Wave Propagation
    Peter Hanssen
    2002, University of Edinburgh
  • The Effects of Cracks and Porous Flow on Seismic Waves in Crustal Rock
    Simon R. Tod
    2002, Clare College, University of Cambridge
  • Analysis of Four-component Seafloor Seismic Data for Seismic Anisotropy
    Jianxin "Jerry" Yuan
    2001, University of Edinburgh
  • The influence of structure on seismic parameter estimation in anisotropy media
    Thomas Kühnel
    1998, University of Edinburgh
  • Recovery of the reflection response from marine walkaway VSP
    Mark Higgins
    1994, University of Edinburgh
  • Estimation and Modeling of anisotropy in vertical and walkway seismic profiles at two north Caucasus oil field
    Colin Slater
    1997, University of Edinburgh
  • Application of the cross-hole technique for analysis if shear-wave in fractured limestone reservoirs
    Brain Baptie
    1997, University of Edinburgh
  • Analysis of local earthquake data using artificial neural netwworks
    Hengchang Dai
    1995, University of Edinburgh
  • Application of Genetic Algorithms to Problems in Seismic Anisotropy
    Steve Horne
    1995, University of Edinburgh
  • Shear-wave VSP data processing for anisotropy
    Xinwu Zeng
    1994, University of Edinburgh
  • Processing and modelling of shear-wave VSPs in anisotropic structures: case studies
    Gareth Yardley
    1993, University of Edinburgh
  • Seismic wave propagation in anisotropic waveguides
    Min Lou
    1992, University of Edinburgh
  • Shear-wave splitting in reflection surveys: theory, methods and case studies
    Xiang-Yang Li
    1992, University of Edinburgh
  • Modelling shear-wave anisotropy in the Paris Basin
    Ian Bush
    1990, University of Edinburgh
  • Analysis of multicomponent VSP data for shear-wave anisotropy
    Dave Campden
    1990, University of Edinburgh
  • Shear-wave splitting in cross-hole seismology and channel waves in anisotropic waveguides
    Enru Liu
    1989, University of Edinburgh


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